The ACE history at a glance

Year ACE developments
  • ACE invests in multiprocessor technology startup Compaan Design
  • XMOS chooses CoSy for Software Defined Silicon
  • ClearSpeed Technology uses CoSy for parallelizing software compiler
  • CoSy users community website
  • 2nd CoSy Community Gathering
  • 14 Academic compiler research projects use CoSy
2001 - 2005
  • ACE, 30 years of innovationACE, 30 years of innovation ACE anniversary: "30 years of innovation"
  • First CoSy User Group Meeting organized at ACE
  • ACE and CoWare enter into multi-year agreement integrating the
  • CoSy Express C compiler generator technology with processor design tools CoSy Express technology for quickturn compiler generation
  • ACE's DSP-C adopted into ISO/IEC technical report TR 18037: 'Programming languages - C - Extensions to support embedded processors', also known as 'Embedded C'
  • Significant company growth
  • CoSy compiler development system wins prestigious 'LSI Design of the Year' award
  • Leadership in DSP compiler development market
1996 - 2000
  • Company restructuring into ACE Compiler and ACE Consulting
  • DSP-C language and DSP release of CoSy
  • 5 Major industrial CoSy customers in 2000
1990 - 1995
  • Market leader for Transputer T8/9 compilers
  • Initial CoSy R&D
  • Acquisition of Parsec bv and PACT bv
  • Release of CoSy compiler development system
1981 - 1990
  • World's first UNIX-port for Motorola MC68000
  • UNIX porting house for all Major European players
  • Leading (68k) compilers for C, Fortran77, Pascal, Modula-2
  • SHM heterogeneous OS kernel for MP Workstations
  • Leader in UNIX benchmarking
  • Key consultants to the X/Open group
1975 - 1980
  • ACE company founded in 1975
  • Roots in RT-OS and UNIX kernels and Language design