CoSy Community Gathering very well received

Amsterdam, 5-6 October 2006

On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 October 2006, ACE Associated Compiler Experts organized the second edition of the CoSy Community Gathering. At this unique event, CoSy users from all over the world got together in Amsterdam, to present their achievements with the CoSy compiler development system and to exchange experiences and results.

Even more so than the first time in September 2004, the second edition of the CoSy Community Gathering has been a tremendous success. The CoSy conference put on a bit of weight, with more attendees from industry and academia, more presentations and a two day program.

The extensive 2 day program offered 15 presentations with a great diversity of topics. On the Thursday, the program started with 6 presentations on the top floor of the ACE offices overlooking the Amsterdam harbour. The day concluded with drinks and a buffet dinner of fine Indonesian food. In the early morning of the second day, all attendees embarked on a river boat, which took them for a journey on the canals in the Amsterdam region. During this full-day canal cruise, the second part of the presentations program was conducted. In between the presentations, the participants made sure not to miss the various views on the Dutch polders (regained land) and canals below sea-level.

The program covered a wide variety of presentation topics and thus demonstrated the versatility of the CoSy compiler framework. Industrial users of CoSy presented their latest work on state-of-the-art compilers for video data-streaming, multi-threading array processing and embedded vector processing architectures, and massively pipelined FPGA systems. EDA tools partner CoWare provided a demonstration of swift compiler generation based upon Processor Designer and Compiler Designer, which uses the CoSy Express technology inside. Academic CoSy users presented and demonstrated the results of advanced compiler research. This included the partitioning and mapping of sequential C programs onto FPGAs, formal verification of CoSy compiler optimizations, a multi-grain parallelizing compiler framework, SIMD and conditional execution extensions in CoSy, a compiler framework for reconfigurable processors, and system-on-FPGA energy optimization through a combination of instruction coding and scheduling. The experts from ACE provided a preview on upcoming CoSy features, such as new loop carried data dependency analysis (LCDDA) and the open register allocator, which will provide the compiler engineer with all the hooks and entries required to obtain best performance.

The feedback to the CCG has been very good. All presentations received good marks, as well as the long breaks in between, which allowed for in-depth discussions among the participants. The little experiment with presentations on the boat was also very much appreciated. One of the participants summarized it best with: "My first CCG: a very good surprise!!"