Delft University of Technology acquires a source licence of the CoSy compiler development system for advanced research


Delft University of Technology acquires a source licence of the CoSy compiler development system for advanced research

Delft - 5 January 2017 - Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) acquires a source license of the CoSy compiler development system for advanced research from ACE Associated Computer Experts bv (ACE)

The Quantum Engineering Department of TUDelft has been a successful research partner in the CoSy network for many years and have used the binary version of the CoSy system for a range of research activities, including Software Security, Hardware Acceleration tools, optimizing compilers for Advanced Processors as well as enabling software tools for Quantum Computing.

"An important research tool developed by the Computer Laboratory at TU Delft is the High-Level Synthesis environment DWARV" says prof. dr. Koen Bertels, head of the Computer Engineering Laboratory and head of the Quantum Engineering department. "By leveraging the robustness, modularity, and extensibility of the CoSy Intermediate Representation (IR), as well as the many available transformations and optimizations, we have been able to design and quickly build a powerful hardware compiler"

With the availability of the CoSy sources TUDelft can apply compiler technology efficiently for new and demanding research areas, and join forces with partners in the CoSy eco-system for compiler research and industrial collaboration.

About Delft University of Technology

The Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) is the largest university of technology in the Netherlands. The Computer Engineering Laboratory, which is part of the Quantum Engineering Department, performs research in and teaches the engineering discipline of how to design, implement, and integrate hardware and software to build a computing system. The laboratory is actively involved in computer architecture, network processing, compiler technology, tools for semi-automatic implementation of architectures, computer arithmetic and logic design, algorithms and tools for testing memories, built-in self-test of logic circuits, and automatic test pattern generation for combinational and sequential logic circuits, performance modelling and optimisation techniques and tools.
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About ACE

ACE Associated Computer Experts bv is a Systems Software IP company. Its unique technologies and products have enabled billions of products in the market.
ACE’s CoSy® compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to efficiently achieve a leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for a broad range of architectures and programming languages.
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