LLVM-TURBO compiler construction Workshop

During the HiPEAC 2015 Amsterdam conference, an LLVM-TURBO compiler construction Workshop will be organized with the support of ACE Associated Compiler Experts.

Title LLVM-TURBO compiler construction Workshop


Wednesday 21 January 2015, 14:00-18:00


ACE Office (Top Floor)
De Ruyterkade 113, 1011 AB Amsterdam
(Next to Central Station)


Constructing optimized code generators in compiler frameworks is typically an underestimated task from a software engineering and productivity point of view. Getting some code generation working is easy, but reaching a production quality optimizing compiler can be a complex and expensive challenge.

Generating optimizing compilers using the new LLVM-TURBO will be the key focus of this workshop. Experts from industry and academia will present their experience alongside tutorial sessions in compiler construction. There will also be time allocated to discuss LLVM-TURBO related R&D topics.

LLVM-TURBO is a combination of the LLVM compiler infrastructure and the European R&D based CoSy compiler development system. CoSy has been used already to generate 100+ code generators for a broad range of processor architectures.

Cost Free for registered and accepted participants, seating is limited
Registration Send email to info@ace.nl, registration is still open