SuperTest qualification suite

The SuperTest qualification suite is indispensible to obtain tool confidence and evidence to funtional safety standards like ISO 26262. SuperTest provides the most thorough testing of C compilers.

Safety standards like ISO 26262 for the automotive industry require that adequate confidence and quality levels are demonstrated in software tools. C/C++ compilers translate software to hardware architectures and are complicated tools by nature, thus requiring qualification and validation when used for safety critical applications. By using the SuperTest qualification suite, system integrators and application developers using a tool chain can achive the appropriate qualification and confidence levels for the compilers that are used when producing their applications.

Applying SuperTest is ensuring compiler confidence by:

  • passing a large number of hand-crafted tests
  • providing high compiler code coverage
  • comparing results with reference values
  • exhaustively test use-case specific constructs and features
  • easy extension with custom tests, such as regression tests
  • accurately determining and reconstructing test-runs
  • validating the compiler against ISO language standards

The SuperTest qualification suite is for use in OEM sofware tool qualification kits and services and can easily be added to safety critical development tools.


SuperTest qualification suite announcement
SafeTI Compiler Qualification Kit and the instruction video how to apply the Kit

Standardization is a well known activity of ACE. ACE is directly involved in international C language standardization committees and has succesfully introduced language extensions which have been ratified by ISO, such as the Embedded C extension to C, ISO 18037.