ACE announces SuperTest qualification suite

Press Release

ACE announces SuperTest qualification suite

Building compiler confidence for safety critical systems

Stuttgart – 4 June 2013 – ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv, world leader in tools and services for professional compiler development, announce the availability of the SuperTest qualification suite for use in software tool qualification kits and services.

Safety standards like ISO 26262 require that adequate confidence and quality levels are demonstrated in software tools. C/C++ compilers translate software to hardware architectures and are complicated tools by nature thus requiring qualification and validation when used for safety critical applications. For this purpose, ACE has developed the SuperTest qualification suite which is derived from its proven and established SuperTest compiler test and validation suite.

Compiler developers check product quality and standards conformance using the SuperTest compiler test and validation suite. Based upon 35+ years of ACE’s experience in compiler construction and validation, SuperTest provides a unique level of compiler test coverage and can find hazardous problem cases in compilers.

Using the new SuperTest qualification suite, system integrators and application developers using a tool chain can achieve the appropriate qualification and confidence levels for the compilers that are used when producing their applications. Developers of safety critical systems and applications can now have confidence in their compilers by testing these for their specific use cases using the SuperTest qualification suite.

The SuperTest qualification product is available as an OEM product to be integrated into compiler specific qualification kits for tool vendors and through service companies.