2013 CoSy Research Community Gathering and Training



In the third week of May 2013 ACE hosted a flock of compiler researchers for this year's CoSy Research Community Gathering and Training. Partners in the CoSy network from all over Europe sent out their talent in compiler engineering to learn about the insights of the CoSy compiler development tool, ask questions, meet fellows, share insights and have a good time in general.


The three-day program was filled up to the brim. This year 10-minute researcher presentations were added to foster the spirit of sharing and two-way information exchange. The new features of CoSy's spring edition were explained and well-received. A new in-depth presentation on the structure of the Low level Intermediate Representation showed some of intricate design and thinking behind CoSy's flexible and powerful code generation techniques. On special request  a presentation on CoSy's latest developments in multi-core technology was added. To top it all off the hands-on tutorials were used to make sure the participant's fingers got to experience what their ears had heard.

Needless to say the Friday-afternoon drinks at the end were well deserved by the hard working researchers who all received their CoSyfication certificate.

The CoSy compiler development system is used by industry and academia. For more information about the use of CoSy for your compiler development or research, please contact ACE, info@ace.nl.