XMOS chooses CoSy for Software Defined Silicon

ACE Press Release

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 20 February 2008

XMOS Semiconductor, the creator of Software Defined Silicon (SDS), is using the CoSy compiler development system from ACE Associated Compiler Experts in the development of the tool suite for its XCore™ processor. An event driven, multi-threaded processor, XCore is programmed using C and the XMOS originated XC language, which adds support for parallel processing, event driven control and time-driven programming models.

The XCore 32-bit RISC processor provides up to eight threads and is integrated with support resources into a building block called the XCore tile. Offering up to 400MIPs per tile, XCore has the performance to implement multiple complex real-time hardware and software functions, from simple I/O interfaces through to complete software applications. The first product family of XCore-based devices is to be announced during Q2 2008.

XMOS VP Engineering Mark Lippett said, "Licensing CoSy from ACE meant we could rapidly accelerate the development of our tool set compilers and focus resources on our XC programming language, a key ingredient for taking advantage of the power of our multi-threaded hardware. ACE's in-depth experience of developing parallelizing compilers for some very unique target architectures made them the perfect partner to work with on what is a completely new class of programmable semiconductor."

"It is often the case that processor architecture and tools design are carried out in relative isolation. In the development of Software Designed Silicon, it's clear that the two have been integrated from the very outset and we're really excited to have helped XMOS deliver on their vision of the future," said Marco Roodzant, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for ACE. "The compilers are of strategic importance in a product like this and CoSy has proven it has the flexibility and performance to match the exacting requirements of SDS."

About ACE

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a world leader in tools and services for professional compiler development. Its open CoSy compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit microcontrollers to 24 bit DSPs, 256-bit VLIW processors and multicore processor systems. CoSy accommodates a wide range of programming languages including C, Embedded C, DSP C, C++, Fortran and Java.
SuperTest is the most comprehensive test and validation suite for C/C++ compilers. Based upon 30+ years of ACE experience in compiler construction and validation, SuperTest provides a unique level of compiler test coverage.
More information on ACE and its products and services is available at www.ace.nl.

About XMOS

XMOS has developed a new class of programmable semiconductor called Software Defined Silicon (SDS). Based on an event-driven, multi-threaded RISC processor called XCore, it is ideally suited to implement custom circuitry and hardware interfaces. Designs are completed using a unified C-based software flow, making programmable silicon readily accessible to a broad range of design teams. Bypassing the HDL/synthesis steps associated with most custom silicon, designers using XMOS devices can quickly complete entire designs in a few hours, or modify them on short notice.
Meeting the production demands of consumer markets, XMOS devices are being integrated into some of the most cost- and time-constrained applications. Leveraging rapid design cycles made possible through the use of an efficient high-level design language, XMOS customers can delight their end markets with compelling differentiation within time and budget constraints. Prices for the first product family range from $1-$20 in volume.
XMOS Semiconductor was founded in July 2005 by a team including David May, Professor of Computer Science at Bristol University and James Foster, the former CEO of Oxford Semiconductor. Headquartered in Bristol, UK, XMOS is privately held and backed by venture capital firms Amadeus Capital Partners, DFJ Esprit and Foundation Capital.
More information on XMOS and its products can be found at at www.xmos.com.



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