T.sqware selects ACE’s CoSy Compiler Technology

ACE Press Release

T.sqware selects ACE’s CoSy Compiler Technology for the development of compilers for their next generation RISC based SPARClet architecture.

San Jose, California, USA 3 November, 1997

T.sqware and ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv have entered into a partnership in which ACE provides the new CoSy compiler technology for the development of a C compiler for the C8 generation of the successful SPARClet RISC architecture. In a joint project, ACE, T.sqware and selected partners will develop a highly optimized C compiler using the powerful CoSy compiler construction system, thereby fully exploiting the advanced features of the new SPARClet architecture.

T.sqware is a semiconductor corporation founded in April 1997, with its head-quarters in Santa Clara, California. T.sqware is focused on providing high call density integrated circuits dedicated to the telecommunication infrastructure equipment. The primary target is to develop HDLC communication embedded solutions based on the C7 SPARClet RISC architecture to serve the emerging worldwide digital internetworking and wireless application demands.

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv, a wholly owned subsidiary of the successful Dutch systems software company ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, was founded in 1996 to provide microprocessor manufacturers, computer manufacturers and the compiler industry with the new CoSy Compilation System for their compiler product developments.

With the exponential growth of Internet and wireless communication, the associated technologies are moving fast to serve the emerging new applications. Time and Cost to Market are critical success factors during the rapid product developments and protocol standard diversity is driving more interoperability between systems, requiring new data processing techniques. Also, information privacy requires embedded data encryption mechanisms. These new demands are pushing the technology to programmable solutions with digital signal processing capability as well as fast communication engines, together supporting the best trade-off between performance and flexibility. T.sqware intends to serve these emerging requirements with the new C8 SPARClet architecture. Due to the concepts used in T.sqware's communication controller which is a RISC CPU central architecture, the C8 family will require dedicated compiler support for efficient C-compilation.

The extensive use of powerful generators in the CoSy technology to construct compiler components such as code selectors and optimizers has been one of the key features in the selection of CoSy by T.sqware to provide for the required flexible compiler support and time to market in advanced SPARClet architecture solutions.