STMicroelectronics selects ACE Associated Compiler Experts' CoSy® compiler development system for DSPs

ACE Press Release

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 14 July, 2000

New development will create advanced compiler generation for consumer applications ACE Associated Compiler Experts announced that STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is using ACE's CoSy compiler development system for its embedded system compiler development.

The Embedded Systems Technology Group of STMicroelectronics' Central R&D is responsible for innovations in DSP compiler development. The group is using the basic CoSy environment and is building DSP performance-oriented optimization modules on top of the CoSy technology. Specific optimizations include software pipelining, array-to-address calculation unit mapping and improved register allocation. The compilers are aimed at low cost, low power, mid-range DSPs in telecom and consumer applications such as MP3 players and set-top boxes.

"A key ingredient for maintaining our leadership in the consumer and telecom markets is our ability to generate world-class compilers," said Pierre Paulin, director of embedded systems at STMicroelectronic's Central R&D. "One key element is compiler optimization. CoSy's solid infrastructure allows us to easily build value-added optimizations required for the class of architectures that we're targeting. We are extremely pleased with the results and continue to develop new and complex optimizations, resulting in robust compiler generation."

"New and complex architectures require a new standard in compiler development," said Rob Kurver, managing director of ACE Associated Compiler Experts. "The CoSy compiler development system provides developers with an open system, to easily customize the environment to meet these architectural challenges. We are pleased that a market leader like STMicroelectronics understands the value in what we deliver. We look forward to a long and successful relationship."

STMicroelectronics expects to be in production with the new compilers by Q4 2000.

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a world leader in the production of compiler development tools. Its open CoSy compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a similar leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit DSPs to 256-bit VLIW processors. CoSy also accommodates a wide range of programming languages including C, DSP-C, C++, Fortran and Java.