Andes Technology licenses SuperTest

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Andes Technology Licenses SuperTest from ACE for Advanced Compiler Testing and Validation

Validation of Compilation Tools Improves Product Reliability and Acceptance


Taipei, 10 February 2012. Andes Technology Corporation, a leading Taiwanese vendor of high performance/low power 32 bit processor cores, has selected and licensed the SuperTest compiler test and validation suite from ACE Associated Compiler Experts, the Dutch compiler and system software technology company. The SuperTest product will be used to enhance testing and validation of Andes' advanced compilation tools.

Compilers are complex products translating applications into machine code and require extensive testing for language conformance, correctness and quality. With its millions of tests, SuperTest assists both compiler developers to validate their compiler and compiler users to check the provided compilers before use.

"ACE has been testing compilers for more than 30 years and we are pleased to apply their superior testing infrastructure in the SuperTest product to verify and validate our compilation tools", says Charlie Su, CTO of Andes Technologies. "While our compilation tools have a good reputation, we would like to further increase the test coverage for our customers and SuperTest is the right tool to secure the excellent quality of our products."

"Many companies spend a fortune on verification of hardware and minimize their costs on software testing as software can be replaced. We are pleased that Andes Technology and their customers realize that the compiler development tools are the key bridges between the software and hardware and need to be verified like hardware", according to Marco Roodzant, Vice President of Marketing & Sales of ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv.


About Andes Technology

Andes Technology Corporation was founded in Hsinchu Science Park in 2005 to develop innovative high-performance/low-power 32-bit processor cores and its associated development environment to serve worldwide rapidly-growing embedded system applications. It is the first dedicated CPU IP company in Asia that delivers not only competitive CPU cores but also integrated development environment and associated software and hardware solutions for SoC development.  

In order to meet demanding requirements of today's electronic devices, Andes delivers configurable software/hardware IP and scalable platforms to respond to customers’ needs for quality products and faster time-to-market. Andes’ comprehensive CPU families, including budget N8 family, entry-level N9 family, mid-range N10 family and high-end N12 family, are available to address full range of embedded electronics products, especially for smart and green applications. For more details about Andes 32-bit CPU IP and development tools, please refer to Andes official website:

About ACE

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is world leader in tools and services for professional compiler development.

SuperTest™ is the most comprehensive test and validation suite for compilers. Based upon 35+ years of ACE experience in compiler construction and validation, SuperTest provides a unique level of compiler test coverage and will find difficult problem cases in a compiler. SuperTest starts where other suites end.

ACE’s CoSy® compiler development system and its derivative CoSy Express™, give compiler developers the ability to achieve a leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for a broad range of architectures and programming languages.

More information on ACE and its products and services is available at


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