ACE enhances CoSy compiler generation system to offer new C++ package, along with improved performance, greater flexibility and targetability for developers of complex architectures

ACE Press Release

San Francisco, USA 22 April, 2003

Key enhancements include software pipelining, inline assembly and ease-of-use

The latest release of CoSy from ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv now offers numerous enhancements for designers of complex architectures. The highly-anticipated 2003 Release of the industry's foremost independent compiler development system offers an effective environment for exploration of compiler effects on possible architecture adaptations, thus enabling true HW/SW co-design. Currently, over 40 customers and partners worldwide have deployed CoSy to create high-quality, high-performance compilers for a broad spectrum of DSP, NPU, RISC, VLIW and 8/16-bit microcontroller architectures.

This new release provides significant improvements in optimization options, C++, inline assembly, code generation performance enhancements, flexible bit-field support, ISO C99 restrict keyword support, general ease-of-use enhancements and aiSee™ graphical visualization software integration.

Incorporating industry standard C++ front-end technology from Edison Design Group (EDG), the new CoSy C++ package offers opportunities for both the compiler and application developer. CoSy C++ compilers enable end-users to develop their applications in C++, which is particularly important in the 32- and 64-bit area. Integration of CoSy C++ with C++/SystemC-based system-level design tools enables advanced HW/SW co-design.

CoSy 2003 offers many new optimizations, including software pipelining. Software pipelining is an advanced code-generator scheduling technique that aims to overlap execution of successive loop iterations in order to optimize utilization of the processor's parallel execution units (such as a load-store unit, a fixed-point unit, barrel-shifter) and overcome long-latency paths. Depending on the architecture, software pipelining can improve critical loops up to several times. General code generator enhancements have shown performance improvements of automotive and communications benchmarks in the range of 15 – 38%.

"CoSy has become the premier independent compiler technology in the industry through ACE's commitment to our customers' success," said Marco Roodzant, vice president of marketing and sales for ACE. "Through continued customer input and close partnerships with leading vendors in the industry, ACE has developed a compiler development system that has no rivals. Developers of complex architectures rely on CoSy in the early stages of their development for enhanced hardware/software co-design and to generate the optimal match of compiler- and architecture performance. ACE values the relationships developed with partners and customers and we are committed to continued leading-edge releases of CoSy in the future."

The CoSy 2003 release is currently available for Sun Solaris, HP-UX, PC/Linux and PC/Windows platforms. Pricing begins at $250,000. Three packages are available: CoSy base package, CoSy-DSP and CoSy C++.

About ACE

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a world leader in compiler development tools. Its open CoSy compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a similar leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit DSPs to 256-bit VLIW processors. CoSy also accommodates a wide range of programming languages including C, DSP-C, C++, Fortran and Java.