ACE Associated Compiler Experts licenses Edison Design Group's C++ front end for ACE's CoSy® compiler product portfolio

ACE Press Release

San Francisco, USA 9 April, 2001

Agreement expands ACE commitment to C compiler development

ACE Associated Compiler Experts, a supplier of unique compiler development tools and IP, announced that it has licensed the C++ front end capabilities from Edison Design Group (EDG-Montclair, New Jersey). ACE will integrate EDG's C++ Front End into ACE's CoSy compiler development system. This agreement validates ACE's commitment to C compiler development, building on its product portfolio for complex compiler development that includes DSP-C. Over 40 customers and partners utilize CoSy for compiler development worldwide.

This announcement builds on last year's extension with an object-oriented interface, allowing front-ends such as C++ and Java to be plugged into the CoSy system efficiently. Since both EDG and ACE operate in the same market, supplying compiler development tools and components to the compiler industry, customers will benefit from tight integration between the two.

"ACE sells compiler development technology to the same kind of customers that EDG sells to, so there's a natural match between our products," said Steve Adamczyk, president of Edison Design Group. "The tight integration between our two products will provide faster compiler development and higher quality compilers for our customers. We're pleased to be working closely with ACE, and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship."

"EDG has proven to be a standard in C++ compiler development, so this agreement is of great benefit to the industry," said Rob Kurver, managing director of ACE Associated Compiler Experts. "As designers are generating more complex architectures, quality compiler development tools are essential. ACE is committed to broadening its portfolio to include the vital elements customers need. Our agreement with EDG is indicative of ACE's partnership roadmap for the future."

About Edison Design Group

Edison Design Group (, based in Montclair, New Jersey, USA, is a leading supplier of computer language parsing technology. EDG's C++ Front End has been licensed to 90 companies, and is widely used in C++ compilers and source analysis tools from computer manufacturers and embedded cross-compiler vendors. EDG's products have a reputation for outstanding reliability and for early and complete support of language features.

About ACE

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a world leader in the production of compiler development tools. Its open CoSy compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a similar leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit DSPs to 256-bit VLIW processors. CoSy also accommodates a wide range of programming languages including C, DSP-C, C++, Fortran and Java.



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