ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv Improves Compiler Generation Capability and Efficiency with New CoSy® Release

ACE Press Release

San Jose, California, USA 25 September, 2000

Expanded high-level language capabilities provide comprehensive solution for complex architectures

Continuing their commitment to automated high-performance compiler development, ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv is now shipping the Summer 2000 release of its premier product, the CoSy compiler development system. This new CoSy release offers designers of complex and flexible architectures optimal and comprehensive capabilities, including use of C++ for engine development.

With the explosion of DSP usage in commercial and consumer products, high-performance compiler generation has been a challenge, especially for designers of high-end DSPs and VLIWs that have significant instruction-level parallelism. The need for higher-level language capabilities for compiler development has been a key focus of the industry in the last few years.

The new release of CoSy provides extensive performance improvements, helping to deliver better quality compilers in less time. Some key improvements include: loop optimizers, such as induction variable elimination and loop reversal; hardware loop support; memory disambiguation; and exhaustive scheduling. DSP application developers will find these optimizations essential for efficient compilation of DSP core algorithms, in particular hardware loops. With regard to support for complex architectures, CoSy offers dynamic scheduler templates and improvements to the register allocator.

This new release also features expanded support for high-level languages in compiler development. This includes support for object-oriented languages like C++ , SystemC and Java, as well as support for C++ as a language in which to develop compilers. Now people can now write their engines in C++. CoSy also offers improved visualization to the internals of the compiler, to help in debugging.

The embedded market is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, and the bulk of that growth can be attributed to DSPs. The DSPs themselves are becoming more complicated with higher performance requirements, as are the applications. In addition, reconfigurable architectures are more prevalent. With this explosion in DSP design, new and better ways are needed to program these processors.

"ACE has always been at the forefront of technology for compiler development and this new CoSy release truly sets us apart from the competition," said Marco Roodzant, vice president of marketing and sales for ACE. "ACE is always looking for new ways to address the new and complex architectures in the market, and the industry really needs high-level language support in order to continue to grow with quality products. We offer companies the ability to develop high-quality compilers in-house concurrently with hardware development. The result is more efficient compilers tuned specifically to the hardware in less time and at less cost."

The CoSy Summer 2000 release is currently available for Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and also supports Windows platforms. Pricing begins at $250,000.

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is a world leader in the production of compiler development tools. Its open CoSy compiler development platform gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a similar leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for architectures ranging from 4-bit DSPs to 256-bit VLIW processors. CoSy also supports a wide range of programming languages including C, Fortran, C++ and Java.