CoSy Partners

Industries and Institutions providing complementary products and services

Based upon its maturity and its general purpose, CoSy has attained a wide presence and acceptance in the Embedded Systems world. This unrivalled position as the single generic, easy-targetable compiler technology delivering both quality and performance, is further emphasized by the partnerships and co-operations ACE has established with a wide variety of parties. ACE has established close co-operations with companies that provide complementary products and services, such as Synopsys, Edison Design Group and Japan Novel. The CoSy C++ package incorporates the industry standard C++ front-end technology by the Edison Design Group. ACE has a partnership with Synopsys for the incorporation of CoSy Express in the Processor Designer product family. On the side of CoSy compiler development services, co-operations have been established with companies like AbsInt, Japan Novel.. Each of these reputable companies has ample experience in developing high quality/performance compilers based upon CoSy. To keep in close contact with the latest developments in architecture design and compiler technologies, co-operations are maintained with various Technical Universities and Research Institutions of which a selection is mentioned.

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