CoSy Compiler References

100+ customers world-wide selected CoSy for compiler developments

Over 100 industrial customers and partners world-wide have already successfully deployed the highly flexible, easily targetable CoSy compiler development system in creating high-quality, high-performance compilers for a broad spectrum of architectures including microcontrollers, CISC, RISC, DSP, VLIW, Parallel and Multi-threaded array processor architectures.

Industry acknowledgements
ClearSpeed "CoSy's uniquely open and modular structure has made it possible for us to develop a high-performance compiler that effectively exploits the 96-way parallelism available in the CSX600 architecture." Read Press Release
Ericsson "We are particularly impressed by the way CoSy can handle architecture parallelism." Read Customer StoryPDF
Hitachi "CoSy has cut our development costs by two thirds, for an initial outlay that only amounted to around 10% of our budget for an external compiler development project, plus we get all the benefits of IP re-use that come from acquiring in-house expertise in compiler generation." Read Customer StoryPDF
Imagination Technologies "The flexibility of CoSy is critical to allow us to exploit all the key features of our rich META™ combined RISC-DSP processor architecture."
NEC "Average 5 times faster and 36% smaller code with CoSy DSP-C."
Philips "A flexible C compiler for the RD16024 architecture has been developed and validated by a small team in a relatively short time." 
STMicroelectronics "Our new CoSy-based FlexCC2 MMDSP+ compiler shows up to a factor 2.8 performance improvement over FlexCC1, with a 10% code size reduction and reaches within 10% performance range of hand-crafted assembly."  Read Customer StoryPDF
Zilog "CoSy is a development environment with which you can generate high-quality compilers very, very quickly."  Read Customer StoryPDF

Industrial Reference Customers

ClearSpeed   CoWare   Creative   Ericsson   Hitachi   Imagination Technologies   Japan Novel   NEC Electronics   NXP   Philips   STMicroelectronics   TOPS   Toshiba      ZiLOG