CoSy Compiler Development Services

ACE experts accelerate your compiler developments

Primarily focused on the development of the CoSy compiler development system - which in itself is aimed at enabling customers to develop and maintain their own compilers - ACE Associated Compiler Experts are able to provide highly qualified compiler development services.

It is not uncommon for compiler developments to take place under high-pressure and sub-optimal circumstances. E.g. one moment the processor architecture design is completed and the next moment first customers demand a high quality/performance compiler within a really tight schedule. In another scenario the software tools team is heavily engaged in high-priority activities, and experienced compiler engineers cannot be found.

It is in these kind of situations that ACE really enjoys to lend a helping hand. Based on our in-house expertise on the CoSy compiler technology and the vast experience in developing compilers for a wide range of processor architectures, ACE Associated Compiler Experts can provide various compiler development services:

  • Reviewing new architecture designs w.r.t. obtaining best compiler performance
  • Joint development of the (initial) CoSy compiler as a quick start guide towards a solid compiler foundation
  • (Initial) CoSy compiler development, ultimately to be transferred to customer
  • Review and optimization of customer CoSy compilers
  • Development of architecture specific CoSy extensions

Additionally, ACE maintains relationships with multiple industrial and academic partners, offering products complementary to CoSy, CoSy compiler development services, or advanced CoSy compiler research. If you are interested in how ACE can assist you in achieving a high quality/high performance compiler for your particular processor architecture, then do not hesitate to contact us or fill out the web-request form.