Associated Compiler Experts Support

Customer Care

Some people consider compiler construction a craft for a special breed of software engineers. At ACE we do not necessarily disagree, as building a compiler - even based upon the solid foundations of CoSy - requires craftsmanship and ingenuity to come up with the best solutions for optimal support of the processor's specific features. Coming from our vast experience in compiler construction, we always enjoy providing our customers a helping hand. Even the most comprehensive training could not prevent questions arising during the development of a CoSy compiler.

ACE kindly invites all users of its products to not hold back when certain aspects of CoSy are unclear, or when implementing support for a specific feature of the target architecture appears not that straightforward. User queries are always much appreciated, as these offer us the opportunity to make a small contribution to the customer's efforts. In addition to this, support calls provide insight in the use of CoSy and thus allow us to continuously enhance our product in line with user needs. Relative to identified malfunctions in CoSy, ACE is proud to uphold a rock-solid track record of prompt response times for workarounds and corrective updates. Finally, ACE offers its customers the benefit of a secured web section called "My CoSy" where the status and progress of support calls can be tracked and updates to the CoSy system can be downloaded.