The CoSy compiler development system

The CoSy compiler development system

CoSy is the professional compiler development system from ACE. It is a mature, well-established compiler generation framework that provides compiler engineers with a complete and solid foundation. CoSy enables the compiler expert to excel at what he likes best: achieving best-in-class performance compilers for specific target architectures in a highly cost-effective manner. This powerful, versatile compiler development system is the result of intensive research and development together with renowned European Research Institutes. CoSy Express is a novel OEM compiler generator technology from ACE that opens up new possibilities for architecture designers to quickly create optimizing compilers for new processor architectures. CoSy Express streamlines rapid compiler generation by delivering the architecture-specific power of CoSy to architecture designers and users of configurable processors. Integrated into hardware/software co-design EDA tools, CoSy Express enables semi-automated generation of optimizing compilers based upon a single architecture description. Incorporated in software tools for configurable architectures, CoSy Express enables end users of flexible architectures to instantly generate their own specific optimizing compiler and explore the optimal architecture-compiler configuration for the specific application domain.


Although primarily focused on forementioned professional compiler development products - which are aimed at enabling users to develop, maintain and validate their own compilers - ACE can provide highly qualified compiler development services and thus accelerate your compiler developments.


ACE has a strong track record in establishing co-operations with companies that provide complementary products and services, as well as research institutes in the field of compilation and programmable IP technology.

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CoSy is a registered trademark of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv. CoSy Express is a trademark of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv.