TOPS selected the new LLVM-TURBO product from ACE



TOPS selected the new LLVM-TURBO product from ACE

Amsterdam, Tokyo - 3 March, 2015. - TOPS selected the new LLVM-TURBO product from ACE to build an optimizing compiler for the heterogeneous TOPSSTREAM™ based manycore architecture, SMYLEvideo.

LLVM-TURBO combines the open source LLVM Clang compiler infrastructure with a strong community and the production quality proven CoSy compiler development system. The industrial CoSy system has been used already to generate hundreds of code generators for a broad range of processor architectures.

During the early access program, TOPS has been able to generate an optimizing compiler in weeks for the processor core, and for inter-processor cores used in the SMYLEvideo manycore chip.

“We have selected LLVM-TURBO because it is the best integrated solution to quickly generate an optimizing production quality compiler, combining the Clang LLVM infrastructure and the proven CoSy code generator technology”, says Yukoh Matsumoto, President and CEO of TOPS Systems Corporation. “By combining the best from two compiler frameworks with the support of ACE, we have been able to develop and maintain an LLVM based production quality optimizing compiler with very limited resources.”

“We see many companies struggle with their compiler developments, due to the lack of compiler engineers and the cost of ownership of using open source infrastructures such as GCC and LLVM. By developing a compiler for the SMYLEvideo  manycore architecture in a very short time, TOPS has been able to demonstrate that LLVM-TURBO is a fast and very cost effective way to get to an optimizing compiler for their advanced embedded low-power architecture for automotive and healthcare application domains” says Marco Roodzant, VP Marketing & Sales of ACE Associated Compiler experts “.

About TOPS

TOPS Systems Corporation was founded in 1999 in Tsukuba, Japan. The company develops proprietary Ultra-High-Performance and Low-Power Multi-Many-core processors, series of TOPSTREAM™ and SMYLEvideo. TOPS Systems' groundbreaking technology provides high performance/core as well as linear scalability on parallel processing, by innovations on microprocessor architecture, such as high throughput stream processing core, zero overhead inter-core communication and synchronization mechanism. It enables distributed parallel processing that combines pipeline, task, and data parallelism. Each Multi-Many-core is highly optimized through Architecture-Algorithm co-design for each application domain. The latest SMYLEvideo manycore exceeds the tough demand for the performance, power, and cost requirements of Real-Time Embedded Vision applications for Autonomous Vehicle, Surveillance, Robotics, etc.

About ACE

ACE Associated Compiler Experts bv (a wholly owned subsidiary of ACE Associated Computer Experts bv, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is world leader in tools and services for professional compiler development.

ACE’s CoSy® compiler development system gives compiler developers the ability to achieve a leading edge position in the construction of better and faster optimizing compilers for a broad range of architectures and programming languages. CoSy has been integrated with the LLVM infrastructure into a unique combined product named LLVM-TURBO.

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LLVM-TURBO is a compiler development infrastructure, combining the best of two worlds: the LLVM compiler infrastructure and the CoSy compiler development system. To generate optimized production quality compilers rapidly, LLVM-TURBO developers can combine the optimization features of both LLVM and additionally 200+ optimization and transformation engines from the CoSy world, together with an architecture description file driven code generator generator. CoSy has already been successfully used to generate 100+ code generators for a broad range of processor architectures.

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